Polish Prospects in Europe. 3 Stars of September.

In the past, I haven’t written articles about European prospects like I did for North American prospects. This year I decided to change that with 3 stars and it won’t just be looking at players who play outside of Poland.

Honorable Mentions

Kamil Walega (PZHL U23, PHL) – 8 goals in 9 games for the PZHL U23 squad. Last year’s PZHL junior squad had 18 goals total.

Jan Soltys (PZHL U23, PHL) – I didn’t want to leave both the players who lead the PZHL junior squad to their first point in two years, but some performances made me. Soltys continues to play against men at a high level and with some interest from North American clubs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move there during this season or next.

Klaudiusz Libik (Sparta Sarpsborg, Norway juniors) – Libik is off to strong start showing he is to good for the U18 league averaging 2 points per game as a defenseman. He is mostly playing with the U21 squad. Expect to see him on Poland’s u18 and u20 clubs.

3rd Star

Jakub Lewandowski (HC Vitkovice U19, Czech u19)

Lewandowski continues to be one of the best producers in the Czech junior leagues. He has done this, since his debut in the Czech u16 leagues in 2016-17. Check the Stats

2016-17, Czech U16 (21st in PPG) Age: 15

2017-18, Czech U18 (52nd in PPG) Age: 16

2018-19, Czech U19 (12th in PPG) Age: 17, on October 25th

Lewandowski is no doubt a star in the making. I would put him as a player to watch in the 2020 NHL Draft. I’m genuinely excited to see him playing at the U18s and U20s this year.

2nd Star

Damian Tyczynski (HK Poprad U20, Slovakia U20)

Tyczynski is starting to feel like a veteran of top Polish prospect list, given how long I have been following him. He turns 19 in January marking this as one of his final or last junior hockey seasons. If it is his last then he going out with a bang! Through 12 games, he has 5 goals and 13 assists in 12 games. This ties him for first in the Slovakian U20 league. I’m curious if he’ll get any pro games this year like his HK Poprad teammates have.

1st Star

Adam Kiedewicz (Krefelder EV 1981 U20, DNL U20)

It would be hard to find someone in Polish hockey who had better offseason compared to Adam Kiedewicz. Kiedewicz signed a pro deal with the Krefeld Pinguines of the DEL. He is also is expected to play a couple games for them this season. That would be quite the accomplishment for the 18-year-old, who mostly has played with Krefleder’s U20s team this season. In 8 games, he has 10 goals and 10 assists. Those numbers are good for 3rd in the league for goals, assists, and points, while also placing 5th in points per game. Signing a contract with a team in one of the top leagues in Europe, while dominating his junior league can pretty much be a guaranteed first star.


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