5 Thoughts. GKS Tychy in the Champions Hockey League

GKS Tychy has been eliminated in the group stage of the Champions Hockey League. Since they’re done its time to look back on their run in the first 5 Thoughts of the 2018-19 hockey season.

And it’s sweet, sweet, sweet victory… yeah

GKS Tychy became the first ever Polish club to win a game in the Champions Hockey League (CHL). This was also the first time a Polish club ever even got points in the CHL. The victory came in an exciting back and forth duel with HC Bolzano. GKS Tychy never once trailed in the game but did lose the lead 3 times. Michael Cichy would lead the way for GKS Tychy with 2 goals and 1 assist. In the end, mission accomplished Poland didn’t lose every game, which is a big boost for the Polish hockey league.

Super Szczechura

Szczechura was GKS Tychy’s best player in the CHL. He scored or got an assist in all 6 games. Szczechura finished with 3 goals and 6 assist in 6 games. He came into today tied for 4th in the CHL for points. Szczechura is easily one of the best players in the PHL and one of the best player the national team has. It is a shame that passport issues have prevented Szczechura from representing Poland on the IIHF stage. Szczechura would be able to play full time in a stronger league no doubt, and hopefully, his performance in the CHL made some teams see that.

Cichy’s Goal

This just deserves its own point it was so filthy.


Lewartowski Gets His Chances

GKS Tychy has two young goalies with Kamil Lewartowski and Jakub Zawalski, but they also have one of the best PHL goalies with Johny Murray. I didn’t expect anyone but Murray to suit up Tychy in the CHL games. Lewartowski did suit up though and played decent during his time, even besting John Murray in terms of save percentage. Lewartowski is player to be watched in Poland’s future at goaltender after Murray (31) and Odrobny (32) are gone, it is wide open.

A Great Event for Polish Hockey

There have been quite a few times that strong European clubs have greatly questioned the participation of clubs like GKS Tychy in the CHL. These small hockey clubs from small hockey countries just are not big draws and the games can become lopsided. The CHL games are great for these small countries. They help grow the game and its vaulable experience. The win was a big deal for Poland, beating an EBEL Champion is a great sign for the PHL and Polish hockey.

Small Thoughts

– Congrats to, Italien club, HC Bolzano making it to the CHL playoffs. Cool to see small hockey country success even if it goes against Poland.

– Andrei Mikhnov was pretty disappointing and should have seen his role decline.

– If GKS Tychy were to get a third match against a team from a Liiga, I would bet on them.

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