Cracovia Krakow Becomes The First Polish Team to Win the Continental Cup

For the first time in Continental Cup history a Polish team has taken home the cup as Cracovia Karkow secured the trophy! This win also guarantees Krakow a spot in the Champions Hockey League, meaning Poland will have two teams in Europe’s competition of the best.

The finals of the Continental Cup were originally supposed to happen a few months ago, but we’re delayed to a Covid-19 outbreak. Another change was recently made when the pool of teams went down from four to three. Belorussian club HK Gomel was suspended from the tournament due to Belarus supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It was not an easy tournament at all for Poland’s oldest sporting club. In the semi-final round Cracovia failed to win a game in regulation settling for overtime wins against Asiago from Italy and HK Propad from Slovakia. They also suffered a loss to Kazakstan club Saryarka Karaganda.

Strangely enough Saryarka Karaganda would be Krakows first opponent in the finals. In an upset Poland took them down 2-1 in large thanks to Russian goaltender Denis Perevozchikov. This win meant Poland only needed one more win to secure the cup.

In game two of the tournament Poland took on Denmark’s Aalborg Pirates. Just over seven minutes into the game Canadian Collin Shirley would put Krakow on the board. They would double it a minute later this time from Russian Anton Zoblin. Krakow would add a third goal in the second. While Polish legend Damian Kapica would score an empty netter. The first one was all they needed though as Perevozchikov stopped every shot he faced, earning a shutout for the 4-0 final.

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