Alexander Mokshantsev Released By STS Sanok Due to Sanctions Against Russia

Just one day after Polonia Bytom of the MHL released five Russian players, we have another case of a team in Poland releasing a player in relation to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. STS Sanok has released forward Alexander Mokshantsev, and the team will be without him as they try to battle back from being down 3-1 in the playoffs to Unia Oswiecim.

Mokshantsev joined the team early on in the season. In just 26 games, the Russian forward recorded four goals and 21 assists. This was third on the team in assists for the regular season. In the playoffs, the 27-year-old had recorded two goals and an assist in four games. The former KHL forward has bounced around the lower leagues of Europe since leaving Russia in 2017. He is the first Russian player to be released by a PHL team in wake of the war.

“We believe that there is no explanation for such situations. We 100% support the sanctions against Russia and its citizens. Therefore, we decided to terminate the contract by mutual agreement of the parties with our player, Aleksander Mokszancew, immediately.” The club said in a statement alongside the release. It is currently unknown if the player was given a chance to condemn the war like the players of Polonia.

A reminder the player association of Poland did release a state asking that Russian players in the PHL, not face consequences for the actions of the Russian government.

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