Kamil Sadlocha on Poland, Ohio State, and His Current Season.

It’s not often you see players from born in Poland climb to ranks like USHL during their junior career, but Kamil Sadlocha has done that and more. Born in Poland and moving to the USA at an early age, Sadlocha excelled at hockey and even caught the attention of the United States National Team. This year Kamil Sadlocha is playing with the Madison Capitals of the USHL and has 21 points in 32 games. This is one point away from his point total last season in 25 fewer games. He is committed to The Ohio State Universtiy for the 2018-19 season. We had a chance to catch up with Sadlocha talk about his season and Polish heritage.

Alright, so a lot of fans in Poland have not seen you play. How would you describe your self as a player? 

Sadlocha: I use my speed to try and make plays. I’m definitely a pass first type of player.

This year you’re scoring at a better rate than your last season. What has been the biggest improvement in your game? 

My confidence has definitely improved. Along with just experience which helps me see the ice better and gives me the ability to make the better play.

You’re committed to Ohio State. They’re currently on the rise with back to back impressive years. How excited are you to join them next year and what are your goals for your first NCAA season?

They are doing very well. I’m very excited. My goals are to be a reliable player with lots of offensive ability. I want to be an impact player.

You have had chances with team USA at some tournaments and playing for the USA development team. All much better than Poland, but did you ever consider playing for team Poland?

I did but when I had the chance to play a few games with Team USA it was something I couldn’t turn down.

How proud are you of your heritage? Do you cheer for any of Poland’s national team’s hockey or another sport? 

Most of my family still lives in Poland so I am very proud of my heritage. My dad played professional hockey in Poland and my uncle still plays. So we cheer for him. We also enjoy watching Lewandowski. My dad follows him a good amount.


Sadlocha is a great player and its good to see the success of Polish players, even when they don’t wear the red and white on the national stage.  At Polish Puck, we wish Sadlocha the best of luck with his season and the 2018 NHL draft.

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