World Championship Roster Prediction.


Today the PZHL released their list of 45 players who could be on the national team at the upcoming worlds.  Teams can bring up to 22 players, so here are my 22.


Przemysław Odrobny – No reasoning needed he is a brick wall.

Rafał Radziszewski – Picking the back up was hard. It came down to Raszka and Rafał Radziszewski, but in the end, I decided to give it to Radziszewski because of he’s a veteran, has a better track record, and was on last year’s squad.


Paweł Dronia – He recently signed to play in the DEL next year and was missed last year. He is Poland’s best defenseman and an easy pick.

Mateusz Bryk – solid defenseman and was on last year’s team and this year’s  Olympic Qualification team.

Bartłomiej Pociecha – young and also gets in under-representing Poland before.

Oskar Jaśkiewicz- I’m all about letting the youth play and Jaskiewicz has impressed me all year.

Michał Kotlorz – The GKS Tychy captain is already a lock.

Mateusz Rompkowski – falls into the same category as Kotlorz and Dronia.

Adam Borzęcki – longtime Polish National member brings leadership and still is a great player.


Alan Łyszczarczyk – The future of Polish hockey will make his National team debut on home ice at the World Championships.

Aron Chmielewski – Already on the team.

Marcin Kolusz – Also already locked in.

Tomasz Malasiński – dominates the EPIHL and always is a threat to score.

Michael Cichy – set the PHL scoring record, his IIHF national team debut.

Mateusz Bepierszcz – played Great at the Olympic qualifiers.

Krystian Dziubiński – ppg PHL player and plenty of past experience with the national team

Mikołaj Łopuski – Quality veteran.

Grzegorz Pasiut-  Always puts up a couple of points at the World Championships.

Radek Sawicki- As I said I love giving the youth chances.

Maciej Urbanowicz- having a great year and a ppg player in the PHL playoffs.

Patryk Wronka- Only 20 and already a ppg PHL player and played great at the Olympic qualifiers.

Krzysztof Zapała – a Quality veteran with a solid track record. Had 3 goals and the Olympic qualifiers.

This was really hard as there was a lot of talent to choose from, but I went with who gives Poland the best matchup.

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