WJC Div 1 B Recap Day 3. Dyachenko the Brick Wall. Britain Stuns Again

After all five teams had Monday off, hockey returned. Today’s action is Poland vs Ukraine and France vs Great Britain.

Both Poland and Ukraine playing their second game of the tournament. Poland comes in winning in their first game where Ukraine lost to France in overtime. This game was scoreless through all three periods, Poland had fifty-two shots, but all of them were stopped by Ukraine’s goalie Dyachenko. For the third time in this tournament, we go to overtime. Polish defensemen Horzelski throws his stick giving Andreikiv a penalty shot. Andreikiv had a chance to win it for Ukraine but was stopped by Czernik. Three minutes later this game would have it is the first goal and it’s game-winning goal as Jaskiewicz scores. Dyachenko finishes with fifty-four saves on fifty-five shots. In the tournament, he has faced ninety-nine shots in two games only allowing four goals. Without a doubt, he was the player of the game for Ukraine. For Poland, the player of the game was their Goalie Czernik.

To the second game of the day, France versus Great Britain. Thirty-Seven seconds in Ville scores for France. Maia would score on the power play to increase France’s lead to two. Late in the first, Johnson scores to put Great Britain within one. A lopsided first as France outshot Great Britain twenty to two. Two minutes into the second, Hook scores and the game is tied. Later in the second, Coletti gets called for interference and on the power play, Great Britain gives up a shorthanded goal as Maia gives France the lead. It was crushing goal for Great Britain as they had all the momentum at that point. France was having trouble staying out of the box and in the third, it finally hurt as Heywood buried it to tie the game. Under two minutes left an ugly hit by French forward Rudy Matime gets him a major and a game misconduct. On that major penalty, Betteridge scores putting Britain up four to three. Great Britain’s first lead comes with thirty seconds left. France would pull their goalie, but couldn’t tie it. Great Britain wins it four to three. Great Britain with their second huge upset of the tournament. Great Britain has been the surprise of the tournament. It’s great to see  British Ice hockey doing good.

With every team at or past the halfway point, let’s take a closer look at the standings.

1st. Poland. 2 Games 1 W 1 OTW 5 Points +7 GDF. 2 Games left vs France and Slovenia. Being on top is pretty good for Poland to win gold they just need to keep winning. Four points secure gold for sure so they at least need two overtime wins or a win in regulation and an overtime loss. Either of those happens they clinch gold.

2nd. Great Britain. 3 games. 1 W 1 OTW 1 L 5 points -4 GDF. 1 game left vs Ukraine. Britain is in a surprising place with a huge win versus France and Slovenia, but a gigantic loss to Poland. They need to win versus Ukraine, want Slovenia to win versus Poland, and want whoever has the least amount of goals, for the tournament, to win in the France Poland game.

3rd. France. 3 games 1 W 1 OTW 5 points +3 GDF. 1 game left vs Poland. This was a terrible loss for Great Britain, it really hurts them.  That game against Poland is crucial they must win and they’re going to want to cheer for Slovenia tomorrow.

4th. Ukraine. 2 games 2 OTL 2 points -2 GDF. 2 games left versus Slovenia and Great Britain.To win gold, they need to win both with and score lots of goals. Scoring has been a huge problem for Ukraine so far as they only have two goals.

5th. Slovenia. 2 games 1 L 1 OTL 1 point. 2 games left versus Poland and Ukraine. It’s been a rough tournament for Slovenia. They were thought to be the favorite when it began. To win gold they need to win both remaining games and if either of Great Britain, Poland, or France wins in regulation they’re out.


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