WJC Div 1 B Day 2 Recap. Poland starts strong. Slovenia Struggles Continue

Day two of WJC Division 1 B.  Today is the halfway mark for most teams. Since Japan dropped out, the tournament went from five games to four games, making every game more crucial. Today’s action featured Great Britain vs Poland and Slovenia vs France.

Great Britain came into this game, looking to build off their huge win versus Slovenia. That did not happen. Poland owned this game the whole time. Just over a minute into the game, Sikora scored to give Poland the lead.Both Lorek and Krzemien would also score to put Poland up by three. Poland would add another three in second from Horzelski, Wrobel, and Goscinski. Great Britain would get on the board with a goal by Antonov. To the third period, another three goals for Poland. This time it was Jaworski, Wrobel, and Paszek. Forbes would score twice for Great Britain, but it was not enough. Final score nine to three, Poland wins. For Poland, this is the perfect start for the tournament. In IIHF tournament ties are decided by goals for and putting up nine of them and getting the win in regulation is pretty good. Horzelski was the player of the game for Poland, he had a goal and two assists. Forbes, who had two goals, was the player of the game for Great Britain.

Game two of the day is France vs Slovenia. Slovenia was thought to be the favorite of this tournament, but after a tough loss to Great Britain, Slovenia needed to rebound with a win versus France. Late in the first Leclerc scored to give France the lead. In the second period, Gallet extended France’s league to two. Jezovsek would finally get Slovenia on the board, but fifty-six seconds later Addamo would put France back up by two. With thirty-eight seconds left Colomban got an empty netter and that’s it. France wins four to one. This is France’s second win of the tournament and puts them in a great place at the halfway point. For Slovenia, the only good news is they can’t be relegated to Division two because of Japan dropping out. Player of the game goes to Leclerc for France and Simsic for Slovenia.

Standings after Today

  1. France – 5pts
  2. Poland – 3pts
  3. Great Britain – 2pts
  4. Ukraine – 1pts
  5. Slovenia – 1pts


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