Players to watch on Poland’s Team for the WJC Div 1 B

Well, the World Juniors are right around the corner and Poland has announced their entry list. Plenty of players will be cut or not attend, but let us see some notables who could be donning the red and white.


Mateusz Studziński Age: 18 Height: 6’1 ft 1.83 m Weight: 170 lbs 77 kg. Studziński was the goalie for Poland’s U18 team last year where he posted a pretty good GAA of 2.00 and an SV% of .911 in 5 games. This year he has played with SMS U20 Sosnowiec where in 19 games he has posted a 5.91 GAA and a 847 sv%. Now those are not good numbers, but you have to remember he is 18 and playing in a league with grown men.



Oskar Jaśkiewicz Age: 19  Height: 6’1 ft 1.6 m Weight: 176 lbs 80 kg. Jaśkiewicz will be on Poland’s u20 for the second time in his career. In 2014-15 with the team, he put up two assists in five games. This year he is playing in the PHL with MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ where he has posted 7 goals and 10 assists in 29 games.

Jakub Michałowski Age: 17 Height: 6’2 ft 1.87 m Weight: 176 lbs 80 kg.  Michałowski played for Poland’s u18 team last year posting 2 assist in 5 games with the team. This year he has posted a goal and 4 assist with SMS U20 Sosnowiec He’s young with good size and can generate some offense. If he is not on the team this year he will be for the next two tournaments.

Tomasz Skokan Age: 17 Height: 5’9 ft 1.75 m Weight: 163 lbs 74 kg. Skokan is a product of the Slovakian junior system, he played with HK SKP Poprad U18 last year. This year he has split time between STS Sanok and their u20 team. With STS Sanok in the PHL, he has posted a goal and 2 assist in 10 games.

Patryk Wsół Age: 18 Height: 5’9 ft 1.76 m Weight: 183 lbs 83 kg. Wsół was the assistant captain on Poland’s u18 team last year and posted 2 goals in 5 games. He also played in 5 games with Poland’s u20 team.This year he has played with SMS U20 Sosnowiec and has 1 goal and 4 assist in 28 games.



Mateusz Gościński Age: 18 Height: 6’2 ft 1.88 m Weight: 168 lbs 76 kg. Is the team leading goal scorer for SMS U20 Sosnowiec. He has scored 7 goals and also has 3 assists. Last season he was the captain of Poland’s u18 team where in 5 games he scored 2 goals and had 3 assists. Gościński was also on Poland’s u20 team last year scoring one goal in 5 games.

Dominik Jarosz Age: 17 Height: 6’2 ft 1.88 m Weight: 176 lbs 80 kg. Jarosz is tied for first in points with Bryk for the team lead. He represented Poland last year at the WJC-18 scoring one goal in 5 games and posting a plus 3 rating.

Bartłomiej Jeziorski Age: 17 Height: 6’3 ft 1.90 m Weight: 163 lbs 74 kg. In 27 games with GKS Tychy, Jeziorski has scored 4 goals and has 10 assists. He represented Poland at the u18s last year and put up 2 goals and 2 assist in 5 games.

Kamil Paszek Age: 19 Height: 6’2 ft 1.87 m Weight: 196 lbs 89 kg.  Paszek has 11 points in 28 games with Unia Oswiecim so far. Last year he had 91 points in 36 games with Unia Oswiecim U20.

Jarosław Lorek Age: 19 Height: 6’0 ft 1.82 m Weight: 157 lbs 71 kg. Lorek gets on this list, not because of his impressive stats, but mainly the league he is in. Lorek plays for HC Trinec U20 of the Czech u20 league.  In 17 games with HC Trinec U20, he has not appeared on the score sheet but does have a plus 3 rating.

Kamil Wróbel Age: 18 Height: 6’0 ft 1.83 m Weight: 187 lbs 85 kg. Wróbel has represented Poland at the U18s twice in 10 WJC-18 games he has 5 points. He is currently playing in the Czech u20 league with HC Vitkovice U20. He has 2 goals and 4 assist in 21 games.



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