2022 Top 50 Women’s U20 Players. Stats and Notes

The women’s list is officially over for 2022! While it is much later than I would have preferred, it did finish a few days earlier than last year. We aimed to expand to 50 players and reports this year, and I’m glad to hit it, even if we could not have footage of at least one highlight for every player. With the list over, it’s time to look at a few random notes and statistics.

In regards to next year, we will be keeping the list at 50 players. The list will also be able to start likely in the summer as I will not be hoping for additional footage with IIHF tournaments. All hockey from the 2022-23 season will count towards the rankings, outside of the makeup IIHF U18 tournament played in September 2022.

All Articles

Players 50-31Players 15-11Players 5-4Player 1
Players 30-21Players 10-8Player 3
Players 20-16Players 7-6Player 2

Full Board

Biggest Risers

  1. Natalia Nosal: +37
  2. Aleksandra Gorska: +19
  3. Wiktoria Kierc: +18
  4. Julia Grzelak: +18
  5. Patrycja Wojcik: +15
  • Nosal’s 37-spot rise is the highest since I started the ranking
  • Gorska, Keirc, and Grzelak would also beat the previous high of plus 17

Biggest Drops

  1. Katarzyna Radomska: -17
  2. Julia Bujak: -8
  3. Aleksandra Jachym: -8
  4. Katarzyna Zaborska: -7
  5. Julia Nawrat: -7
  • After only 4 players dropped in the rankings last year, 7 dropped this year.
  • Ramodska at -17 is the highest drop in the rankings we have had. The previous record was -16.

Highest List Debuts

  1. Nadia Ratajczyk: 14
  2. Agata Cybulska: 24
  3. Weronika Swiatek: 25
  4. Anna Sencerz: 29
  5. Jadwiga Jankowska: 31
  • 14 is the lowest-highest debut number since I started the ranking.
  • It is the first time there was not a debut in the top 10.
  • It is the first time there are not 3 or more top 20 debuts.

Breakdown by Position

  • Forwards dropped by 6, while defensemen grew by 6 compared to 2021. Goalies stayed at 4.

Breakdown by Team

  • This is the first time Polonia Bytom did not lead, and their lowest amount of players.
  • This is the highest amount of Janow players to make the ranking.

How Many Played in Poland?

  • Only 3 players played outside of Poland in 2022, the lowest since we started the ranking.

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