2022 Top 80 Men’s U23 Players. Stats and Notes

The Men’s top 80 list has officially concluded for the year. It is now time to look at just some random notes for the list, like which team had the most players or which player had the highest rise. This year’s goal was to give more credit to goaltenders again, but it is hard to rank them in Poland, given the sparse opportunities available for them. Still, they almost tied defensemen in representation on the list. The defensive group will likely be the next position group I evaluate and change how I rank.

All Articles

Players 80-51Players 30-21Players 10-8Player 3
Players 50-41Players 20-16Players 7-6Player 2
Players 40-31Players 15-11Players 5-4Player 1

Entire Top 80 Board

Biggest Risers

  1. Blazej Chodor +42
  2. Michał Kusak +39
  3. Krzyzstof Macias +33
  4. Jakub Ślusarczyk +29
  5. Oliwier Kasperek +28

Biggest Drops

  1. Jakub Blanik -22
  2. Kacper Gruzla -21
  3. Marcel Kotula & Michal Cychowski -19
  4. Bartosz Florczak -18
  5. Jakub Wenker -16

Highest List Debuts

  1. Eryk Schafer (23)
  2. Dominik Kolat (24)
  3. Krystian Lisowski (33)
  4. Kacper Macias (40)
  5. Filip Sienkiewicz (42)

Player I Wish I Ranked Higher

Michał Proczek – Really solid defenseman, and the more I reviewed film and statistics on players above him the more I thought I made a mistake in rating him so low.

Player I Wish Ranked Lower

Szymon Bieniek – The player I have the least amount of film on over the past three years. But he is one that coaches love and statistics favor. Those big stats often come at lower US junior levels. His offseason ending with him signing in Division 3 of Sweden is not really inspiring.

Filip Plonka – Still a lot to love in him as a goalie. Just other goalies had better years and better numbers. The limited amount of games is going to potentially really hurt long-term development.

Players By Team

Players By Position

County By Country


  • Every year the player ranked #2 has been different and featured 4 different players.
  • With only one player, this is the least amount of JKH GKS Jastrzebie players on the list.
  • The highest amount of players playing in Sweden to be ranked.
  • The lowest amount of players playing in Germany to be ranked.
  • The highest amount of goalies to be ranked.
  • The lowest amount of forwards to be ranked.
  • Defensemen are up 3 versus last year.

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