Polish Prospects in Europe. 3 Stars of October.

You wanna know the scariest thing in Polish hockey? The scoring dropoffs by some U20 players in the PHL. It’s honestly concerning how much a player like Dominik Pas is struggling to score compared to last year. Outside of Poland though, there a plenty of players, even a few inside Poland, who should earn recognition for their play.

Honorable Mentions

Patryk Wysocki (GKS Katowice/ PZHL U23, PHL) – Wysocki has already played 33 games this year in the PHL, that is a lot. Like damn I would be dead by game 30.

Patryk Gosztyla (HK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas U20, Slovakia U20) – Gosztyla had a pretty good month. The defensemen added 5 points after only having one point before the month. It was nice to him produce at a decent rate.

Jakub Lewandowski (HC Vitkovice U19, Czech u19) – Lewandowski continues to have a strong first year in the Czech U19 league. He is tied for first in points on his team and sits 5th in the league. He also just turned 17 on October 25th, so Happy Birthday!

3rd Star

Adam Kiedewicz (Krefelder EV 1981 U20, DNL U20)

Kiewewicz continues to wreak havoc in Germany. He has 40 points in 16 games, which is good for third in his league for points and fourth in points per game. Poland has a really good player in Kiedewicz, who is expected to make his DEL debut this year. He is a player, who should be considered a key part of the national team core for years to come.

2nd Star

Damian Tyczynski (HK Poprad U20, Slovakia U20)

The Slovakia U20 league this year is Tyczynski’s league everyone else is just trying not to get in his way. Tyczynski has 41 points in 24 games this year, which is 10 more than 2nd place. His points per game is 1st among players with at least 10 games played. You know you’re having a good season when you could go pointless for 17 games straight and still average a point per game.

1st Star

Sebastian Lipinski (Unia Oswiecim/PZHL u23, PHL) 

While Lipinski did have a decent month, he gets the first star due to one game. The Polish junior team that plays in the top level of the PHL had not won a game since 2015-16. In October that changed when they beat Zagłębie Sosnowiec 5-2. In net, for PZHL U23, was Lipinski who made 44 saves against 46 shots. Lipinski was voted the best goalie at the U18s and is taking a clear hold of being Poland’s best goaltender prospect.


1st Star = 3 points, 2nd Star = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point. Honorable mention = .5 point.

Season Standings

  1. Damian Tyczynski – 4
  2. Adam Kiedewicz – 4
  3. Jakub Lewandowski – 3.5
  4. Sebastian Lipinski – 3
  5. Kamil Walega, Jan Soltys, Klaudiusz Libik, Patryk Wysocki, Patryk Gosztyla – .5

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