A Big Goose Egg. 5 Thoughts 2018 Women’s World Championships

No relegation is the best thing about this tournament for Poland.

giphy (3)

Wait, nevermind

All Hail Sass

Sass is an amazing goalie. She has the potential to carry Poland to wins in games, where they appear to be clearly overmatched. There were some faults in her run, but you could see the potential in games against Italy and Latvia. She was left out to dry multiple times. Poland has a star in Sass, they better take advantage of it. With that…

Why didn’t Sass Start

The game against Kazaksthan was the game was probably the game Poland had the best chance of winning. They started Kosinska. The 29-year-old had not started an international game since 2014-15. Why didn’t Sass start this game? Sass had to come in relief of  Kosinska. I do believe Poland would have won if Sass started.

Abandon The Slapper

The slapshot is becoming obsolete in hockey and its effectiveness continues to drop. Poland needs to drop the number of slap shots. On so many plays against Italy, they take a bunch, which were all are easily blocked.

giphy (4)

Poland needs to be more aware of the situation and take smarter shots.

Oh Captain My Captain 

Karolina Pozniewska is a captain for a reason. She had 4 points in 5 games, which lead Poland. She also had 24 shots, which is 8 shots more than the next highest player on Poland. Only player to have more than 1 goal. She leads this team on the ice.

Another Year Older 

This was a very young Poland team. They were the youngest team in the tournament by average age. With no relegation, Poland’s young players have some division 1 experience and should come back next year with better results. They lost to Italy, Latvia, and Kazakhstan by one goal. They were close games too, not poor performances. Their game against China was a poor performance that can’t be repeated. I expect them not to finish last next year.

Small Thoughts 

– Ivan Bednar, a Slovakian coach, had his first tournament as the head of the women’s team. This was also his first IIHF coaching job. He did alright there are some mistakes and some things I liked. I hope he returns.

– Not having veterans Bigos and Frackowiak was a tremendous hit

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