Ted Nolan Names 36 Players to the National Team. We Make Our Picks.

April is just around the corner and with that comes the biggest event of the year for the Polish National team. The World Championships in Budapest have fans divided some are believing in Ted Nolan, while others have their doubts. We now have his first World Championship entry list though, and let us dive in.


Przemysław Odrobny, John Murray, Rafal Radziszewski, Ondrej Raszka, and Michal Kieler.

There are no surprises here. There are four players who could tend the net for Poland in goal with my choice being Odrobny and John Murray. Of note, John Muray appears to have received his citizenship and can now officially play for Poland.  I like Michal Kieler getting some reps with the national team. He has had a good year for Orlik Opole and at 22, he is very young and could be a key player for Poland down the road.


Adam Borzecki, Mateusz Bryk, Bartosz Ciura, Bartosz Dadbowski, Pawel Dronia, Kamil Gorny, Maciej Kruczek, Bartlomeij Pociecha, Mateusz Rompkowski,  Damian Tomasik, Patryk Wajda, and Jakub Wanacki.

I blasted Poland’s defense at the EHIC in February. The lone defender not to return from that EHIC was Oskar Jaśkiewicz, who was not the problem. DEL2 defensemen Borzecki and Dronia both get named, but their inclusion on the team more comes down to if their season is over. Tomasik is getting a well-deserved chance. If I had to pick 7 I would go

Dronia – Pociecha

Kruczek – Wajda

Rompkowski – Borzecki



Mateusz Bepierszcz, Aron Chmielewski, Michael Cichy, Krystian Dziubiński, Radoslaw Galant, Kamil Kalinowski, Damian Kapica, Filip Komorski, Marcin Kolusz, Mikolaj Lopuski, Alan Lyszczarczyk, Tomasz Malasinski, Bartłomiej Neupauer, Grzegorz Pasiut, Jan Steber, Maciej Urbanowicz, Jakub Witecki, Patryk Wronka, and Krzysztof Zapala.

The forward group is what you would expect too. Which disappoints me as I thought there some interesting possibilities. Players like Dominik Pas, Bartłomiej Jeziorski, Filip Starzynski, and Noureddine Bettahar to name a few. Also to note, Alex Szczechura has not received his citizenship and cannot play for Poland. Cichy returns and he should, but I can’t lie I’m not sure how many more chances he should get. For my 13 I go.

Malasinski – Wronka – Chmielewski

Lyszczarczyk – Pasiut – Kapica

Dziubiński – Cichy – Lopuski

Zapala – Kolusz – Urbanowicz


Overall not much as changed from last year and nor did I expect much to change. I did want Ted Nolan to make some changes though and give younger players more chances. That really doesn’t appear to be happening this year at least. It is year one though and in Ted Nolan We Trust.

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