Lyszczarczyk, Jeziorski, and Pas Should Be At The World Championships.

At the World Juniors, Lyszczarczyk, Jeziorski, and Pas formed the most dominant line there. The trio combined for 33 points, they were responsible for 15 of Poland’s 23 goals. The trio also put up 73 shots on opposing goalies. Overall they tore up the World Juniors. I believe the line could also have an impact at the World Championships.


Despite, the three all playing on separate teams, there is a undeniable chemistry between them. No matter at the U18s or U20s, the three has terrorized opposing goalies and defenses. The 3 would be a breath of fresh air into the national team. The speed and skill they have would fit well with the likes of Wronka, Kapica, and Chmielewski. Poland would come to the World Championships with their fastest and most skilled team in a long time. I’m not saying making them the top line, but as a middle 9 or even a 4th line, they would be solid. It’s not just the line either, each one of these players deserves to make the team in their own right.

They’re Ready

Dominik Pas is setting junior scoring records in the PHL. You can read more about his great season here. Pas had 23 points in 40 PHL game as an 18-year-old. His point total ranks above a few national team forwards. He also has been complimented on his defensive play and compete level.

Bartlomiej Jeziorski is the best player under 20 playing in Poland. Like Pas, Jeziorski is scoring at a better rate compared to other national forwards. He has 23 points in 31 games. Jeziorski was also able to get a game with the national team this year. There is no doubt Jeziorski will have a long career with the national team. It is time to start it this year.

Alan Lyszczarczyk will make his senior IIHF debut at this year at the World Championships, if not I’ll run Ted Nolan out of Poland faster than Buffalo did when Babcock became a free agent. Lyszczarczyk should have been on the team the past 2 years and I will die on that hill. This year for Owen Sound, Lyszczarczyk is on pace for a career-high season in goals and shots. If you’re not convinced watch this.

giphy (1)

Great Exposure

Unlike being an online artist, exposure is actually useful for hockey players. Pas, Jeziorski, and even Lyszczarczyk will need to move on to better hockey leagues for their careers to advance. The World Championships are a great place to showcase them. Last year, Wronka was able to use his great World Championships performance into a deal with Orli Znojmo of the Erste Bank Hockey League.  Lyszczarczyk will most likely be able to turn his OHL career into a good deal, but Pas and Jeziorski will need more help. The move would help the team now and in the future. If they fail, which I doubt, are you really any worse off?


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