5 Thoughts Women’s 2018 U18s

Before we begin a huge thank you to @WsSportHilies, during the U18s they posted clips of every goal and score updates. I was having surgery during the tournament and missed seeing it live. Thanks to them I was able to stay updated on the tournament. Check them out on twitter.

The Best Brick Wall Impression Award

This one goes to Martyna Sass. Sass is, without doubt, the best female goalie in Poland. She lead Poland to a World Championship gold medal before she was 18. This tournament is just like her past performances; dominant. Sass was named the best goalie of the tournament. The future is safe for Poland in net with Sass. No doubt she’ll lead them to more gold.

It Didn’t Show on the Score Sheet

Gogoc had a great tournament for Poland. The captain would finish with one goal, but she played much better than that. Every time you just watch her and she’ll be making the right play. Along with great puck skills, she gives Poland the defensemen they have been needing.


An Unstoppable Force

There is no one a defensemen wants to be one on one with less than Klaudia Kaleja. Kaleja is a dominant scorer who always finds her way to the net. This tournament she had 5 goals, which lead the tournament. She should make her senior national team debut this year and will be one to watch.

giphy (1)


I’ll make this quick because I rant about it too much. The more penalties you take the less chance you have of winning. Poland spent almost the entire 2nd period against France in the box. France would score all 3 of their goals on the power play in that game.

Women’s Hockey is on the Rise

It’s a great time for Women’s hockey in Poland right now the national team is the best it has ever looked. I’m not sure where my expectations should be for the World Championships, but they’re high. Should they be this high after a bronze medal and being in a tough division? Maybe not, but I’m feeling very optimistic.

Small Thoughts

Erik Karlsson is that you? Alicja Wcislo had 6 assist for Poland. Wcislo and Gogoc could be an amazing pair for Poland. Two great puck moving defensemen.

Malgorzata Synowiec had some bad luck. She put up 17 shots and had plenty of chances, but one goal.

Wiktoria Sikorska is 14. She had 5 points. Again the future is bright.

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