End of Year Update on Polish Prospects

We’re coming to the close of another hockey year, but it also makes it the most exciting time of the year. In March we have both the Women’s and Men’s World Championships along with the Men’s u18s. It is the end of the year so now let’s have a look at how the Polish Prospects in North America did.


Alan Lyszczarczyk. Sudbury Wolves (OHL). 61 Games 10 Goals 22 Assist

Let’s get the big one right out of the way. Lyszczarczyk had a down year. His point total shrunk from 50 to 32 and his ppg went from a .75 to a .52. Lots of people were surprised when Lyszczarczyk went undrafted in 2016. The general conscious was if Lyszczarczyk could repeat and improve his rookie year success he would get drafted. That has disappeared now and Lyszczarczyk is nowhere to be found on draft boards. A strong playoff performance maybe could help change that, but I would expect Lyszczarczyk to go undrafted again. For the future, I still believe Lyszczarczyk should be on team Poland at this year’s World Championships. He has a ton of talent we all know that he just has to move past this poor statistic year and come back next year and produce.


Filip Starzynski. Northern Michigan Univ. (NCCA). 30 Games 3 Goals

Starzynski is a 4th liner in college and that doesn’t translate to much in professional hockey. I outlined that in a previous article. Starzynski will likely play one more year at Northern Michigan University. After his final college year, I suspect he will return to Poland.


Dominik Olszewski. Springfield Jr. Pics (USPHL u18). 14 Games 5 Goals 6 Assist

Olszewski was up and down this hockey year. He played in Poland, played with the national team, and for two of Springfield’s teams. Olszewski got 5 games with Springfield’s USPHL Premier league team, which is the top level of the USPHL. Olszewski spent most of his time with the USPHL u18 team where he played very well. He will be on team Poland’s u18 team at the upcoming u18s. Next season Olszewski will probably be with the Premier League team the whole season.


Tomasz Skokan. Kalkaska Rhinos (US3PHL). 25 Games 9 Goals 25 Assist

The Erik Karlsson of Polish prospects. Skokan had a great year with the Rhinos. He is 3rd in the league for ppg among defense with a 1.36. He is also 4th on the Rhinos in points. Skokan also represented Poland at the world juniors. Skokan is a fun player to watch and has an interesting future ahead of him. The question is what does it hold? A return to the US3PHL or does he move on to a better league?


Oskar Rzekanowski. Bradford Rattlers (GMHL). 39 Games 7 Goals 19 Assist

Rzekanowski had a solid rookie year in the GMHL. He finished 8th in scoring the Rattlers. The GM of the Bradford has informed Polish Puck that Rzekanowski has been offered another contract. We don’t if he has accepted it yet. Expect Rzekanowski to also be on the radar for the Polish world junior team.


Jakub Golaszewski. Parry Sound Islanders (GMHL). 33 Games 2 Goals 7 Assist

Golaszewski also made his debut in the Greater Metro Hockey League this year. Golaszewski split the year between the Orangeville Ice Crushers and Parry Sound Islanders. The 20-year old’s future is currently unknown at this time. My prediction would be a return to Poland.


Michal Wojciechowski. Winnipeg Sharks City Midget (WCML). 36 Games 7 Goals 11 Assist.

Wojciechowski has shown a lot of improvement during his 2nd year in the WCML. The stats reflect that to as Wojciechowski has increased his point total from 5 to 18. This was Wojciechowski last year in the WCML. I would predict next year we see him play in the Keystone Junior Hockey League or Manitoba Junior Hockey League. Wojciechowski will be on this year Polish u18 team. It will be his IIHF debut.

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