Poland and Imports.

4-1 is the final score of the game between Poland and South Korea. Poland put up 33 shots and only managed to get one past South Korea’s goalie. Who was in net for Korea and able to backstop them to victory against Poland?  Canadian goalie Matt Dalton.

Dalton is in import. An import is a player who represents a country in which he was not born. In total at this year’s world championship division one A, Korea had 6 imports, silver medalist Italy had 6, while Poland, Slovenia, Austria, and Japan had zero. For next year’s worlds, we will see the return of the South Korean team, Hungary who have 5 imports, and Kazakhstan who have 3. The three Kazakhstan has will do the most damage though. The three are  Brandon Bochenski (A polish American, how dare he turn against Poland..),  Dustin Boyd, and Nigel Dawes. In the KHL those three form a dominant line and at the World Championships, they were all top scorers for Kazakhstan.

Now a look at Poland. Despite neither making the World Championship roster, Poland naturalized two players this year; Mike Cichy and Mike Danton.

Import Mike Cichy playing in the red and white.

Ondřej Raszka is also an import and after next season so is Frank Slubowski and there are rumors that  Alex Szczechura could represent Poland. So far none of them have represented Poland at the IIHF event, but they have represented Poland at other international events.

Imports are bad in my opinion. I even believe the IIHF needs to put a limit on how many imports a country can have on its roster. I do not want Poland to rely on imports and see them as a way to improve the team. Cichy, Danton, Raszka, Sublowski, and Szczechura are all tremendous players and would improve Poland’s team and possibly finally take Poland back to the elite division, but they can’t and should not be our team. I would say my limit is two and out of the players I just mentioned I would take Cichy and Raszka.

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